The relationship between the Europeans & their TV sets

The television set, great guest of the festive season Most Europeans are equipped with Smart TVs (60%) and will watch films and series (83%) with their family over Christmas.

While 87% of Europeans use their TV at least once a day, TCL Electronics, one of the top three players in the global TV industry, and the CSA (Consumer Science & Analytics) Institute looked at the relationship between the 3,083 European individuals surveyed and their TV sets. Between lockdown, curfews and restrictions linked to the health crisis, television has gained more and more importance in the daily lives of everyone and has become a real player. With New Year's Eve approaching, this study sheds light on the use of television sets by French, English and German people in their respective homes.


A Christmas in front of the screen

51% of Europeans surveyed will take advantage of these winter evenings to enjoy convivial moments surrounded by their loved ones in front of their TV screen. To a greater extent this will be the case for the Germans (51%) and even more for the British (54%). 1 family out of 4 anticipates that they will watch more TV during the holiday season.

The living room (80%) remains the preferred place to watch TV, before the bedroom (10%) and far ahead of the kitchen (1%).

As for the programmes chosen, television is synonymous with relaxation during the holidays: films and series are the most popular content (83%), followed by entertainment programmes (48%), which appeal more to British people (64%). As a surprise, 5% of Europeans say they use their TV set as a virtual fireplace, demonstrating the infinite use of these screens...


Smart TV appeals to the under-35s

Although 97% of households already have one television set, British people own the most with an average of 2,1, compared to 1,7 for the other countries. This year the TV remains the ideal gift to offer to get the whole family to agree: one in two Europeans (59% in Germany) say they are ready to invest in a new screen for the festive season. 87% of Europeans say they use their TV at least once a day all year round. In the UK, 33% leave it on almost continuously.

Nothing better than a Smart TV. 60% of Europeans are equipped with it, including 72% of young people under 35 who choose it for its smart features, which allow them to live a new experience thanks in particular to video streaming (70%) and catch-up TV (40%). It is worth noting that a third of both French and English people display their smartphone screen on the television to share their content, illustrating the connection between the different equipment.


Antoine Salome, TCL Europe Marketing Director says : “As we can see through this study, this festive season confirms that television set and specially Smart TV, is a unique combination of technology, content (visuals and sounds) that stimulates creativity, fun, sharing, imagination and learning. Thus makes television and specially Smart TV a great partner for people to share contents and the best bonding moments with family and close friends. As a pioneer of mini-led, offering a high-quality of image and sound  is our promise when most of the consumers are focused on watching films and series”.

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