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The individual made of algorithms is reduced to a behaviour without history or direction. We believe that big data must combine Consumer Science (informational signals) and Analytics (behavioural traces). This is why we prefer talking about selective multi-data, i.e. the ability to handle, generate and compare hybrid data (attitudinal and behavioural, passive and active, qualitative and quantitative) that is operational, and actionable via programmatic advertising.

The individual is central to our approach. With our inside scoop on what consumers, citizens, opinion leaders, employees, listeners, viewers, etc. have to say, our goal is to recreate their uniqueness in order to understand their choices, journeys, opinions and depictions, without simplifying them. What's more, because experience, real life and feelings have never been so important, we continually develop creative solutions to track the consumer in real time and understand everything connected with the emotions of those who take our surveys.

This approach allows us to deliver insights to the businesses and organisations we support to empower their decisions.


CSA Research has accumulated 40 years of history and expertise in marketing and opinion studies. Established in all key sectors of the economy, CSA Research provides operational solutions to address challenges in advertising impact, customer journey, targeting, customer relationship, brand and opinion management. CSA Research counts 150 employees.

CSA Data Consulting helps advertisers manage the business effectiveness of their marketing resources. The services range from dashboarding to implementing automated decision marketing platforms for managing effectiveness throughout the customer & prospect funnel in real time. CSA Data Consulting counts 60 employees and 15 years' expertise in econometric modelling.

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