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Consumer data is voluminous and multidimensional (panels, marketing studies, CRM databases, digital data, etc.). CSA helps brands identify the most relevant data to understand the diverse nature of their targets, analyse this data, segment it and activate it across all marketing levers: programmatic media buying, content personalisation and CRM activation.

Our targeting and segmentation projects are multi-criteria (sociodemographic, devices, lifestyle, opinions, spending, business potential, etc.), tailored to our customers' requirements and segmentations and directly actionable in media, particularly in programmatic advertising.

Our speciality: in addition to customer marketing targets and segmentations, we have a highly-qualified panel, predefined with frequently used segments and the ability to define specific business targets. Our added value: Dynamic data visualisation to facilitate exploration of the target and script the detailed analysis of the target.

What is the media consumption of each of the segments of my customer base? What is my campaign's cross-media performance? Which media are consumed by customers underexposed to my TV plan? Is there a media trigger and/or saturation threshold? Media-typing can answer these questions by creating a CRM – MEDIA customer base that provides a single view of the customer. The principle is to assign a probability of exposure to each of the customers, in line with the benchmark media studies.

Our 5-step Method: sample the customer base; conduct a media survey of the sample; merge the declared media behaviours with the benchmark studies; calculate exposure scores; determine the spread of media behaviours across the entire customer base.

CSA enriches customer data and digital data (CRM database, advertiser digital database, third-party digital database, etc.) using data from its highly qualified proprietary panel to enable brands to activate very precisely defined marketing targets and send the consumer the right message at the right time through programmatic advertising and all other individual activation channels.

Our strengths: our proprietary panel, with over 85,000 panellists and more than 500 classification criteria in 14 fields, gives us access to extremely detailed individual data.

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