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As experts in market and opinion studies for 40 years, our mission is to enable our customers to stay connected to their audiences, both in France and around the world.

Consumers are being approached everywhere, all the time. Faced with these unlimited options, consumers have to make choices. We deliver knowledge of your ecosystem to provide a better understanding of how consumers reach decisions.

Our expertise: targeting, segmentations, usage and attitude studies, market intelligence. Our added value: we take a hybrid approach, combining behavioural and attitudinal data to complement macro information with micro information.

In an increasingly competitive world, brands are more determined than ever to stand out from the crowd. CSA supports you throughout the life cycle of your products and services, from design to launch.

Our expertise: idea screening, concept and products tests, price and promotion tests, marketing mix, insight generation, range optimisation and post-launch. Our added value: Real time! Digital technology has completely changed how we consume and has opened up new opportunities, particularly in real-time data collection, which provides a way to utilise the spontaneity of the people we survey. Our innovations: "Inno Driver" to create concepts, "The success factory" to build your project,"4Cast": intelligent targeting to measure an offer’s true potential, "Value for money" to build the ideal bundle.

Corporate capital has become a key driver in creating value for brands. In an open world where consumers, users and citizens have increasing access to information, businesses and organisations are facing new challenges in managing their strategies and reputation.

Our expertise: visibility, image and reputation studies, strategic positioning, co-branding, brand core, CSR. Our added value: Our methods utilise a combination of declarative data and passive data to offer you a holistic approach to your brand. Our innovations: "Brand Capital" to understand how your brand's reputation is formed, "Brand²" identifies the best brand combinations.

Today, measuring how communication contributes to a company's performance is vital. We help you convert your brand strategy into a communication strategy by giving you the keys to gaining a better understanding of your ecosystem, validating and refining your communication actions and measuring their effects.

Our expertise: pre-test and post-test to measure the impact, attribution, approval and appeal of your campaigns, ad tracking, website evaluation, readership surveys, etc. Our added value: our solutions can adapt, whether it's to new content consumption patterns or the growth in digital technology. They combine quantitative and qualitative assessments, mobile, social media, real time, etc. Our innovations: "ACE" measures the impact of omni-channel advertising on purchase intent, "Buzz Impact" tracks the noise generated on social media, "4CAst" enables intelligent targeting to optimise a campaign's effectiveness.

Today's consumers criticise, comment, channel-hop, advise, share, etc. Experience overrides messages and recommendations hold more weight than marketing. A true driver of loyalty and commitment, the customer relationship now needs to be ultra-personalised, omni-channel and consistent with an overall customer experience.

Our expertise: satisfaction surveys, assessing the quality of customer service (auditing and mystery surveys), assessment of loyalty programmes, optimisation of point-of-sale networks. Our added value: Our qualitative and quantitative approach draws on innovative and hybrid solutions to understand your customers' engagement drivers and help you optimise your omni-channel strategy. Our innovation: "GPS" identifies the optimal customer relationship indicator (CRI) for your brand (image, loyalty, satisfaction)

The famous 'moment of truth' in the purchase decision has changed significantly. The proliferation of points of contact has split up the consumer's journey. In a hyper-choice environment, their demand for unique and relevant experiences has never been higher.

Our expertise: shopper studies to understand the factors that determine the purchase decision, consumer journey to identify on and offline points of contact, drive-to-store studies to monitor flows between digital and physical stores. Our added value: our approach delivers detailed on and offline knowledge of your customers' journey Our innovations: "Journey Experience" tracks the consumer's experience over time and measures changes in habits after an event, "ROPO2" measures web-to-store and store-to-web flows, gathers passive and active information to understand your customers' journey

Today, the actions and messages of businesses and organisations are scrutinised more than ever by citizens, consumers, employees, the media, partners, etc. To optimise the management of your internal and external strategies, CSA provides studies that interpret how opinions are formed.

Our expertise: news studies, societal studies, environmental studies to pre-empt an arena for expression, public policy assessment studies, reputation and image of local authorities, acceptability studies to assess local public opinion's uptake of a local project, attractiveness studies on a local area. Our added value: We conduct quantitative and qualitative studies, either on a confidential basis or for publication, of all your audiences: consumers, specific targets (youth, executives, seniors, etc.) and key influencers (MPs, journalists, directors, etc.). Our customers are spread across the economic, political and social landscape: from private and public organisations to associations.

In businesses, where internal transformation is ever more frequent and fast-moving, employees' opinions are essential to steer HR communication, anticipate and manage tense situations and deadlocks, and monitor how change management and support is handled.

Our expertise: internal receptivity, quality of life at work, assessment of communication tools or internal events (seminars, company parties, etc.) and employee satisfaction metrics. Our added value: your contacts at CSA are experts in communication, HR and societal challenges. We provide support in change management, assessing the employee experience and monitoring the attractiveness of the employer brand. Our innovation: "Ambassador" views employees as a brand's "point of contact" with the outside world.

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