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CSA Data Consulting helps advertisers manage the business effectiveness of their marketing resources, including the implementation of decision marketing platforms to manage effectiveness across all customer and prospect decision journeys.
Our projects are directly actionable in media marketing strategies and calendars.

Because the organisational structure of businesses is still very often silo-based, and because there is no centralisation and uniformity between data sources that are often dispersed across an organisation, CSA Data Consulting helps you index and organise your data to drive business marketing.

The solutions we provide range from collecting and inventorying your data for use in a future data project, to quality control and the cleansing plan in accordance with the faults detected.

CSA Data Consulting provides a sectoral ROI database that contains data on real campaigns and spans a six-year period. To extract the most powerful insights on sectors and effectiveness for each lever, the following variables are available: sector, budget per lever (promo, TV, search, display, radio, press, outdoor, affiliation, social media, etc.) and the lever's contribution to sales and ROI.

How do you continually keep tabs on all the indicators that influence your business? CSA Data Consulting gives its customers a continuous view of all key indicators via an automated and personalised platform, available 24 hours a day (purchase funnel dashboarding). The platform provides a clear and easily digestible view of the following indicators:

Media indicators: investments and pressure at a brand and product level for the brand and its competitors Customer/prospect engagement indicator: digital engagement indicators (search queries, website traffic), personalised indicators (quotation requests, call centre usage, etc.) Business indicator: store footfall, revenue, sales volume etc.

Multiple factors simultaneously affect the performance of marketing resources: supply, price, promotions, the media and distribution, as well as competitor initiatives, the economic climate and seasonality. Econometric modelling is a statistical method designed to to quantify each factor's influence in an isolated way, as well as how it behaves over time. This approach is used to obtain highly operational conclusions and recommendations that are directly actionable in media marketing calendars:

Our fundamentals: CSA Data Consulting develops ad-hoc econometric models for each customer and each project, taking persistence effects into account and measuring the media synergy, context and halo effects. Our advantages: In the mass-market sector, we provide media and marketing effectiveness and impact analyses based on individual consumption data, including modelling the purchasing and media behaviour data on 14,000 media buying managers entered (XMetrics).

The Decision Marketing Platform (DMP) centralises and unifies all types of data (online and offline media, marketing, business) to conduct statistical analyses designed to optimise our customers' media investments and marketing resources. The production process takes place in four stages:

Data collection: collection, auditing and analysis of data incorporated into the platform Data integration: Definition of the database architecture and integration of data flows as they become available (from real time for cookie data to by the week/month for marketing data) Modelling: Definition of econometric models and algorithms to define the best budget allocations (media and marketing), explanatory modelling to quantify contributions & ROI per lever and predictive modelling to simulate the effectiveness of future investments. Activation: On and offline. Automated for RTB (connection to market DSPs) after sector analysis and appraisal for others.

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