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Patrick Rougeot
Patrick Rougeot

Our methods

Telephone surveys: CSI

CSI, our subsidiary in Nice, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a 500-strong team of interviewers working exclusively for CSA. CSI conducts an average 30,000 telephone interviews per month among retail customers, professionals and companies.

Our technical resources

Our telephone platform consists of 210 workstations equipped with Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems that use the latest technologies (19-inch flat screens, V-PRO, GPO, etc.). Listening and screen viewing systems are used to monitor all workstations.

All data are processed and stored on HP ProLiant High Availability servers as well as on a virtualisation system that allows the rapid retrieval of calls in case of complications.

CSI uses Interviewer® software, which has multiple possibilities for questionnaire/script design and study monitoring and management.

Questionnaire/script design

  • Up to 2,000 questions
  • Option to use huge external tables (30,000 codes per table)
  • Rotating/shuffling questions, groups of questions or elements within a question
  • Option to retrieve data from previous interviews
  • Calculate new factors that come into play via preliminary questioning
  • Potential for intricate algorithms (date comparisons, calculation of intermediary factors based on a combination of a given number of previous responses)
  • Graphical tree structure of questionnaire
  • Simulation questionnaires for testing purposes


Study monitoring and management

  • Management of incoming and outgoing calls (automatic dialing)
  • Management of multiple callback criteria including callback frequency, time slots, attribution of calls to interviewers or groups of interviewers (complete management of calls, RV, etc.)
  • Panel management: follow-up of responses in real time, from one round to another
  • Randomized selection of call reports
  • Exhaustive call disposition reports (engaged line, no answer, other), with publication of data
  • Dynamic quota displays, crossed quotas, publication of graphics
  • Management of over 800 quota groups in a single project
  • Predictive Dialling (server-based call management) for optimal management of contacts and interviewer productivit


The advantages of Interviewer® software:

  • Multi-language interviewing (factoring in time zones for calls)
  • Distribution of audio files (Vox format)
  • Publication of reports in real time (daily results, per interviewer, per time frame)
  • Publication of cross tabulations (three factors possible) during study
  • Coding (verbatim coding of open-ended questions in Excel format, verbatim coding tool with key-word search, coding during study)
  • Various formats for data sets: txt, xml, spss, sas, dbf, Quantum


Our team of interviewers

Each of our 500 interviewers is trained to conduct interviews with respondents from all social and professional backgrounds: the general public, skilled tradesmen, retailers, self-employed professionals, companies, etc. They are closely monitored by 17 supervisors who organise work schedules, run follow-ups and ensure ongoing quality control.

Interviewer training includes:

  • Across-the-board preliminary training in interviewing techniques: establishing contact, conducting interviews, respecting guidelines, rephrasing questions and being attentive to respondents
  • Ongoing training to ensure consistently high quality of service. This training is designed to produce expert interviewers who specialise in high-stakes research in companies, among opinion leaders, doctors, or in studies on potentially delicate issues.


Our interviewers work exclusively for CSI:

  • Weekdays, primarily for B2B studies
  • Weekday evenings and Saturdays, for studies geared to the general public


CSI and CSA: close-knit collaboration

CSI and CSA's research departments in Paris are in constant contact via:

  • Study briefs and debriefings of pilot phases via teleconference, with video (1 Mbps ADSL connection, ensuring image quality)
  • A high-quality call monitoring system
  • Consistent and constant status updates: from their work stations,research managers can get a progress report on any study at any time, consult frequency tables and cross tabs on captured data, and view the responses of open-ended questions in text form
  • Data-sharing between CSI and CSA through a virtual private IP network. This secure and encrypted connection allows us to monitor studies in real time from start to finish.





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